These are some of the ways that Bibles are given out. If you would like to get involved with any of the programs listed here, or if you would like to start a program in your area write to us: info@mission2america.org.

Rogue Valley Mission

This is the home base of our ministry. In the Jackson/Josephine counties, we have over 200 Free Bible Displays, and several street evangelism programs. Currently, Rick DeVos is meeting in Ashland, OR every Saturday afternoon, to meet the people who are in Lithia Park or downtown.

We also have a door-to-door witnessing program, where Rick will work with you, going throughout your neighborhood, personally giving away Free New Testaments. This is a very low-pressure way to witness to your neighbors, and is very easy to learn. Going door-to-door has also been a favorite activity for church youth groups this past year. (See below for details.)

Youth Missionary Training

Our youth program is a yearly favorite for teachers and students. We will come visit your high school youth group, and teach them how to witness to people by giving away Bibles door-to-door. Then we take them to a nearby neighborhood, and spend about an hour actually witnessing to people at their homes. This is an easy way to get your students or kids active in sharing their faith, and it gives them courage and experience to feel comfortable sharing the gospel in their own lives.

Churches that have been involved with this program include: Trail Christian Fellowship, Table Rock Fellowship, Eagle Point Assembly of God, and Mountain View Baptist Church.

Free Bible Displays

This is the backbone of our ministry. In participating businesses, we place Free Bible Displays, where people can find the hope of the Gospel while on their daily errands. This is a very low-pressure way to keep the message of the Gospel within reach for people who don't know where else to turn. Also, many Christians will take Bibles from the displays, so that they can give them to people who they see in need.